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Deserve is on a mission to transform credit cards from plastic to code, and enable anyone to profitably launch and grow a credit card business. I was engaged by Deserve to combine the creative assets they had generated and implement them within a custom web + mobile site redesign as part of a new product launch.


Q2 2020


Art Direction
UX & UI Design
Web + Mobile Design

Direct Contributions

Working closely with an external branding team, I crafted the page layouts and responsive designs to house the newly generated abstract graphics and brand elements designed for the new product launch. I also was responsible for implementing the new site and micro-interactions including: mega-menus, application forms, and site navigations.

Design Rationale

Being a leader in a new and complex operating space, graphic elements were designed to embody a vintage or retro style intended to simplify the seemingly complex service offering. Paired with large display headings and informational sections, the idea was to convey services and service descriptions in as few words possible. The gradients were also intended to represent the wide variety of possible customization, branding or whitelabeling options available to Deserve customers.