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I was honored to get an invitation to work on the IBM Research website redesign that is the key communication tool, which drives community, intellectual sharing, collaborations, and press relations.

With IBM’s content influx on emerging edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing and hybrid cloud, the research division’s marketing team was in search of a fresh new look.


Q3 2019


Art Direction
UX & UI Design

Direct Contributions

As the project's creative director, I was directly responsible for crafting the brutalist, edgy vision that IBM's core brand and design team was searching for. I also directly contributed to the hands-on UI & UX work including animations, transitions, and mobile + web mockups.

Design Rationale

Pushing the limits of IBM's existing brand was essential and made possible through edgy animations and page layouts while maintaining readability. Many iterations were pushed through the review process to reach the final design style. While striving for a certain level of abstractness in the layouts and graphic elements, staying true to the IBM core brand was crucial.