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Italic is an e-commerce business offering Atelier-grade essentials from the same manufacturers as top brands with zero markups and logos. I was engaged by Italic to refresh the appearance of their digital store and manage the integration of the new visual aeshtetic with their existing e-Commerce backend.




Web + Mobile Design
UX & UI Design
e-Commerce Integration

Direct Contributions

I was solely responsible for crafting a new visual aesthetic for the Italic web and mobile sites. I worked closely with Italic's internal brand and marketing team to ensure the designs were inline with what their existing customers would expect from the bespoke fashion brand.

Design Rationale

Italic had recently re-vamped their digital marketing playbook and were keen on making sure the site redesign played well with the new style. Tans and off-white colors were used liberally for product and feature widgets while blacks were used to emphasize specific call-to-actions such as page links, section headings, and feature banners.