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Mindbloom is a pharmaceutical company increasing access to science-backed therapies, transforming lives to transform the world. With the immense success of Mindbloom's at-home ketamine treatment programs, I was hired by their internal marketing team to craft a friendly, engaging web + mobile site highlighting their new service offerings as well as the widespread success of the project.


Q1 2022


Art Direction
UX & UI Design
Web + Mobile Design

Direct Contributions

Mindbloom's marketing team provided photography and project statistics to supplement the new designs. I crafted web components, sliders, testimonials, video players and featured sections to highlight product satisfaction and customer success stories. I also worked with the marketing team to update the company logo and color palettes to find a style that was more inline with the company's vision of a fun and friendly product.

Design Rationale

We experimented with abstract shapes and colors to represent the blossoming of ones mind and also to emphasize product friendliness and usability. Gradient meshes were created and used as page backgrounds, accents and fills for various graphic elements, including the updated logo. Formal serif and friendly sans serif fonts were paired to highlight the product dichotomy of scientific and friendly.