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Zeller is on a mission, building tools to level the playing field for Australian businesses. They simplify the process of accepting payments, managing finances and paying recipients. I assisted Zeller in designing and implementing new user-flows and product screens for their payments software. Zeller had recently undergone a brand redesign and needed to update all of their product screens to match.


Q2 2021


Art Direction
UX & UI Design
Product Design
iOS Design

Direct Contributions

I crafted user-flows for all application screens as well as the onboarding process and funnel from the existing marketing website. Wireframes and interactive prototypes were created to simulate the suggested information heirarchy before proceeding to high-fidelity mockups. I worked closely with the Zeller engineering team to implement pixel-perfect, responsive designs that worked for both their web and mobile applications.

Design Rationale

One of the main challenges faced in this project was organizing the vast amount of information and transaction history that needed to be disaplyed. The information had to be accessible and easily navigatable. Intelligent use of vertical and horizontal tabs as well as navigation drawers allowed us to optimize the use of empty space and enhance the readability of various information-dense screens.